How To Get External RAM for Your Laptop or PC? (Is It Possible?)

A quick laptop is the most enjoyable thing for all of us. Laptop users always look for tips and strategies to increase laptop speed.

Therefore, many people have this question in their mind: can we use outer RAM for laptops?

So, we advise your experts and browse through technical products to find the perfect answers for you.

We’ll try to explain the argument behind the answer to this question. This will enable you to understand the answer in a very good way. A brand-new laptop is quite fast and you love to work on it.

We Can Use External RAM for Laptops

However, as time passes, the laptop tends to slow down. Wear and tear performance is the main reason behind this drop. Moreover, some people used fairly laptops. Graphic designers, video editors, and gamers are usually going on their laptops 24 × 7, which is not a good thing. Although a laptop is a machine, it is necessary to calm down.

How To Get External RAM for My Laptop

Can We Use External RAM for Laptop

Whenever a laptop starts showing low-performance signs, our mind thinks that the first solution is RAM. Yes! RAM is the most important part of each computing device. You do not have a laptop or desktop, RAM always plays an important role in lifting performance.

Grown RAM is fairly straightforward. All you have to do is get one and plug it on your laptop. Anyway, it is none that especially if you don’t use it.

How To Get External RAM for My Laptop

Why is Ram so critical?

Technically speaking, RAM is the material that helps your laptop processor to run all software programs to high-end games and software packages from small utilities. If you do not have any RAM in your laptop, you can not load your operating system (Windows, Mac, or Linux).

In the absence of an operating system, you can not only use your computer. You can not simply type a word or check your email.

A laptop creates a beep sound that does not have RAM or faulty RAM. In such a situation, it does not have to give a display.

We hope you got a clear picture of the importance of Ram. Different laptops have different RAMs.

Laptops with the standard specifications are pre-installed with 4 GB RAM, which is expandable.

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On the other hand, high-end gaming laptops have more RAM specifications.

In such a laptop, 8GB RAM is just a standard but nowadays, more than 8GB needs more for the latest games, you can extend your gaming laptop RAM.

How is RAM installed on Laptop?

The things you need to understand …

It is very important to understand it before discussing the matter: Can I use outer RAM in a laptop? We will answer the consideration that you do not have a perfect beginner, a technical geek.

The laptop contains an electronic component called Motherboard. All components of a computer (both desktop and laptop) are connected to this motherboard. There are different placeholders for different components like processor and RAM on the motherboard. This slot is called.

How to do it?

In order to connect the processor to the motherboard, you need a specific slot and it is called a CPU slot.

However, for Ram, there are one, two, or more RAM slots on the motherboard. The number of slots depends on the motherboard manufacturer. Modern motherboard manufacturers provide only two RAM slots as standardized.

Interestingly, RAM has a circuit board on a circuit board. There are different silicon chips on it, but it is much smaller than the motherboard. This RAM motherboard is called a RAM module.

To work for a computer, you have to create a strong connection between the RAM module and the motherboard.

All you have to do is do the RAM module in the RAM slot. The RAM Module is a male-type connector that contains a compatible area with gold color box A.K.A Connector Pins.

On the other hand, RAM slots are capable of using a female-type connector RAM module’s housing connector PIN. To do this, you just have to go with the following steps:

  1. Find and buy the correct RAM module of DDR3, DDR4, etc for your laptop model
  2. Open your laptop chassis
  3. Identify RAM slot
  4. Identify the correct positioning of the RAM Module
  5. Place the RAM module above the slot incorrect orientation
  6. The module is firmly but carefully press (without too much pressure) until you do not hear the word “Tick” (this “Tick” indicates that RAM has been properly placed in the slot)

Do we recommend this method?

We’ve mentioned earlier that laptop manufacturers provide 2 RAM slots as standard. In addition, each motherboard or processor has a limit on RAM’s ability.

Can I Use External RAM for my laptop or not?

We have thoroughly consulted with our team and searched the internet strictly to find answers to your questions. To be honest, if you want to use external RAM for a laptop, the answer is a big “no”. There are a few reasons for this and we will recommend you to read them.

RAM is an internal element of any computer. No matter what you are using a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tab, RAM is always placed inside its chassis. It can easily damage it using an expensive thing and outside. In addition, RAM can thus easily get lost. Remember, how we keep our pen drive safely. Drive the pen with some key chains.

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Providing data to processors for processing the basic function of RAM. To get fast performance, RAM should always be near the processor without always being involved in many connections. To use it outside, you need to connect it to a SATA port or USB port. Honey, these ports are much slower than the speed of RAM. Therefore, it can reduce the performance of your laptop using it externally.

Despite the above topics, you can still be willing to use Ram outer so we take a step forward to address this problem. We already explained how to install the RAM module on the laptop. To connect it outwardly, you will need a special external device like the RAM slots of the motherboard. We searched on the internet and unfortunately, we were unable to find any devices suitable for this purpose.

This is the main reason that prevents us from using outer RAM with our laptops. We hope you have the correct understanding of the answer that you have provided to you.

If I can’t use outer RAM with my laptop, what is the solution?

Most laptops support 32 gigabytes or even 64GB RAM. We think video rendering games are huge to run different applications for playing games. You can easily replace pre-installed RAM with high-power modules. Even if you are unknown or frightened to replace Ram, you can go to the laptop market near your area. Laptop market professionals are experienced enough to do it for you.

You have to pay RAM and several bucks service charges and your RAM will upgrade without any problem.

Take out!

For those who have to use external RAM in a laptop, for those who are thinking, the reality is it is impossible for more than one reason. External RAM can reduce your laptop or maybe easily damaged. However, the main problem is that an organization has created an external RAM drive to meet its purpose.

RAM is well performed when installed internally. Your laptop shows the signs of poor performance, you can get it easily replaced. Modern laptops support up to 64GB of RAM that is good enough for power users. If you are an apprentice we will not recommend you to replace the RAM module by yourself. You can contact the local market laptop professionals and they can replace it in a perfectly safe manner for you.

How is an external hard drive added to the laptop?

In general, Laptop USB ports, Thunderbolt (PCI-i) can come with one or more external ports, etc. These ports can be used to connect to external hard drives.

To connect an external hard drive to a laptop, you just need a cable. One reason is the USB PD (Power Delivery) Protocol. This protocol is one of the current mainstream fast charging protocols.

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It can increase the electricity transmission to expand the power supply of USB cable bus power supply through USB cable and connectors. Power delivery can reach up to 100W. With this protocol, you can use USB or Thunderbolt ports to provide electricity to external hard drives.

However, there is no power delivery protocol that can provide enough energy in outer RAM. Finally, Ram’s speed is far more than a hard drive, and so it will consume more energy.

How is an external GPU added laptop?

Some people can ask why not add external RAM in the laptop like an external GPU. In this way, we do not have to worry about Power Delivery Problems. Then, see how an external GPU is added to a laptop.

In order to connect to an external GPU, you need an external GPU expansion chassis, a built-in PCI-e slot, a power supply, and a cooling system. Of course, this device needs a Thunderbolt port on the laptop.

How to install RAM in your laptop 

  • Close the laptop completely and unplug it from the power source;
  • Remove the bottom of the laptop to gain access to the memory bay. Generally, disassembling instructions are often available in the product’s service manual or manufacturer’s website;
  • All built-up static electricity discharges by touching a metal object. A file cabinet can do it, and if you are careful you can use an antistatic wrist strap;
  • Most laptops bring two RAM slots and in some cases you need to remove old RAM to install the new one. Test what a lever or button you can press, or just toggle to RAM cards and see if see;
  • RAM Socket Line up new RAM cards with groove and press firmly. Identify a NUB in the slot and see if the small groove in the memory module is matched with it. Install the memory model once a NUB match;
  • Below the panel back and turn your laptop. Press “Windows Key + Break” to check if your operating system is locating your RAM. The system will pop up the properties window, and your RAM should be next to “Body Memory”.

Conclusion: How To Get External RAM for Your Laptop or PC

To increase your laptop RAM, you need to ensure that all the necessary steps are followed by testing all the necessary steps after the best exercises of your computer’s hardware and software requirements.

If you can get external RAM for a PC, we wonder, we hope this article answers your questions and gives you more insight to increase memory.

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