How Long Does it Take to Factory Reset a Computer? [SOLVED]

Factory resetting a computer can be a valuable solution when dealing with system issues or when preparing to sell or donate your device. But, one question that often arises is just how long does the process take?

The answer is that the time frame for a factory reset can vary depending on multiple factors, such as the speed of your computer and the amount of data that needs to be wiped. Nevertheless, an average standard laptop typically takes anywhere from 15 minutes to several hours to reset to its factory settings.

In this article, we’ll dive into the specifics and provide you with a better understanding of the time it takes to factory reset a computer.

Usually, standard laptops take 2-3 hours to configure basic settings or factory settings.

How long does it take to perform the factory reset?

But how long does it take to reset the factory on a laptop? Well, unfortunately, this is more than a question. There is no one answer to it. Take the total factory reset to 30 minutes up to 3 hours depending on what you installed, the operating system you installed, the processor speed and RAM, and whether you have a hard drive or SSD hard drive

In some rare cases, it may take your entire day. The same applies to the use of the recovery section, and the timing is different from the Computer to the Computer.

If you instead make a clean reinstall using a pre-created installation disk, you can usually do entire things in less than 20 minutes on a quick device. In this process, everything is cleared out, including Bloatware installed by the manufacturer.

If your device is no longer, the Linux disk can be useful. Unfortunately, programs installed in this way can not be saved. You will have to reinstall this manually after restoring the factory settings. Keep Windows Activate Separately since you will need it after a new installation.

How long does it take to factory reset a computer?

The factory reset takes about 1-2 hours, but many factors affect the final.

Here are some factors that will help you plan for the quantity that will take place to reset your laptop:

  • How old is your Computer is – older than the Computer, whenever he is longer.
  • How many programs you have installed – The number of programs installed on your laptop will appear at the time.
  • The number of installed hard drives – this also occurs as a difference. If you have a computer installed on the four hard drives, it will take a computer reset for a longer factory period. Similarly, if you have SSD installation, it may take less time than traditional hard disks.
  • How much your Computer – if you have 8 GB or more random access memory installed on your computer, you will take less time to reset the Computer, more than 2GB installation or less.
  • What operating system (operating system) uses your Computer? If the laptop uses Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7, it will take longer to reset your laptop if the Macintosh operating system is used.
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Whether you need to back up your copy of all your data before you reset your laptop factory, you will not use already installed programs if you do not copy your data before resetting the factory.

How to reset your Computer

Depending on your computer type and the operating system running, the factory reset process will vary slightly. If you have a laptop made of Apple, you will need to follow one set of instructions. There are several types of laptop computers if you have a personal computer, and all vary slightly concerning reset.

How Long Does it Take to Factory Reset a Computer

How to reset a PC factory

If you have a laptop for your Computer, whether it is an HP or Toshiba or Sony VAIO, or any other PC laptop, you can easily reset your Computer. You will help you reset your factory easily to put your Computer back to its original state.

The easiest way to reset your Computer is to follow the steps below. Follow these steps to reset the factory:

  1. Go to Settings> Update and Security> Recovery
  2. Click the Start up button under this computer reset.
  3. You will see two options here as follows:
  • Keep files (recommended) – This option will reset your Computer and keep the files you saved.
  • Remove everything – this option will delete everything from your computer and reset it back to its original state.

Usually, it is best to keep your files when you reset your laptop. However, if you give your laptop away or sell it, the option to remove everything that may be better for you.

  1. Click Next, and then click Reset to complete the process. This process does not take a long time, depending on the number of programs installed on your laptop.
  2. After the reset is complete, you will have a laptop ready for another user to use or start using it again.
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While the factory reset for laptops from easy PCs is also easy to delete files accidentally, you are not deleted. The whole reason you want to reset your PC factory primarily is that there are problems or problems with it, and you need a clean list.

Reset different brands and operating systems will vary slightly. If you are having problems with your laptop, the above steps should help you guide you through your Computer reset.

How To Factory Reset A Mac:

If you have a Macintosh computer, whether MacBook Pro or iMac, the factory reset is very easy. The steps below will help guide you during the Mac reset.

  1. Start signing from all Apple accounts, including iTunes & Message.
  2. Restart your Computer
  3. Press and hold the + r command on the keyboard while restarting
  4. Select the Disk Utility and select your hard drive
  5. Select erase to scan your hard drive and close the window
  6. Select to reinstall macOS and click Continue
  7. When you are finished, click Restart and restart your computer. This will return you to how it was before you reset the factory.

The steps listed above should explain that the Mac factory reset is an easy operation. However, if you have additional questions, the Apple site has several articles on resetting your laptop.

After you reset your laptop factory, you will need to install programs again on your laptop. If you copy your data before you reset your laptop, you may link the backup drive and transfer data back to your computer.

How Long Does it Take to Factory Reset a Computer

Resetting Tips

The above steps must explain that resetting the factory is very easy. However, if you have additional questions, the following tips can help you avoid problems while resetting your laptop factory.

  • If you sell or give up your laptop and want to erase all your data before giving it away, use the option to remove everything instead of the option to keep your files.
  • If you have important files for you and want to save them, it is best to support them before resetting your laptop factory. Data can be easily copied using an external hard drive or through other cloud storage methods.
  • Be careful when you agree to give your data to a third-party subsidiary. For example, if you are recording in social media accounts, the company may request information about you and your data. Before approving giving them access to your information, read the precise print and ask for the company’s privacy policies.
  • Make sure that you have enough battery or keep the laptop connection when you reset the factory. This should ensure that the Computer does not turn off during reset.
  • When the plant resets your laptop, it is best to have a solid Internet connection. This will ensure that you can easily download programs on your computer. If you reset your mobile factory and do not have a connection, it may experience difficulty getting your computer programs.
  • If you have trouble finding files after you reset your laptop, try to install everything manually instead of using the system restore system or fully reset the factory. This must allow you to find and restore lost files easily.
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I changed your mind and did not want to reset your computer to the factory settings? If you have backed up your data to an external hard drive or another already storage device, you can access everything. Restore is irreversible if you are implemented in safe mode. You can not undo restore if you make it through system restore options.

If you install Windows 10 upgrading over the version of Windows 7 or Windows 8 located at the time, you will not work to restore the factory settings! In this case, you may have to install Windows 10 manually.

The amount of time you will take over the entire process to go greatly depends on the input data rate in your device. This depends on whether you have an HDD or SSD. Again, hard drives control personal computer markets because it took a long time to reset a laptop factory. These days, SSD at an affordable price in advance in most laptops dropped the factory reset time to just a few minutes.

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