Affiliate Disclosure

​FTC Disclosure Compliance Rules

In 2015, the Federal Trade Commission released its new rules for Disclosure Compliance.

These rules have been placed to aware all readers, users, and audiences, which go to the content and media of the website that if the website owner, content writer, publisher, or blogger sponsored, approved, or commissioned Huh. Company of partnership

FTC wants to ensure that all readers, users, viewers, and consumers understand and accept that the website owner, content writers, publishers, S, or bloggers earning money by promoting or sharing a link or product Huh.


According to FTC guidelines, we always believe in transparency on this website and our goal is to educate our readers, users, and viewers. We are disclosed here that we use affiliate links on this website and earn commission related to those links, but it will not affect your price or any other thing.

Please assume that any or all links on this website are moving forward to buying any or all products, affiliate links and laptopsidea.com receives commissions from those links.

What does the affiliate link mean?

By clicking on the link, a unique link has been provided on the website by affiliates or partnership companies, when users buy any product directly from user associate or partnership companies, sales occur once, one The bar sales generated, then the credit has been released to Laptopsidea.com from affiliates or partner companies as the sales commission.

Laptop Idea receives another form of a small commission or compensation to other forms of compensation from various colleagues or partnership companies to promote their products through their affiliate program.

The price of the product is perfect for all readers, users, and viewers if they buy products from an affiliate link or non-affiliate link.

Note: – Through an affiliate link or non-affiliate link, the price or anything varies for users.

Laptop Idea has two types of affiliate programs: –

  1. Amazon Associates Program or Amazon Affiliate Link

Laptopsidea.com participates in the Amazon Associates program. This is an affiliate advertising program that is designed to earn commission and revenue and join Amazon products. Amazon provides a small commission on products sold through its affiliate link.

For any product purchased by the Amazon Affiliate Link of Laptop IDEA, there is no additional cost for website visitors.

Note: – By clicking on these links, there is no additional cost for website visitors. These links are not “pay per click”.

  1. Product Affiliate Link

These affiliate links are described above, if the user clicks on these links and buys products through these links, the laptop idea receives a small commissioned percentage or other types of compensation for that sale.

Note: – By clicking on these links, there is no additional cost for website visitors. These links are not “pay per click”.

What about sponsored content?

We are always transparent with all our readers, users, and audiences. We do not publish sponsored content on this website and we provide the authentic and unbiased latest information on this website, however, if we publish a sponsored content, then we post at the beginning of the contest sponsored by any company. Will clearly mention in the article.

It is highly appreciated to buy through the website of the laptop Idea. This helps us bring more knowledgeable materials to our users.

If you have any questions about the above, please do not hesitate to contact us here.

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